Join the 2021 GPS Membership Drive!

And so we persist….

As we round the year on the pandemic, we’re so very grateful to everyone who has supported us via donations, auctions, and other events through 2020 up to now. Many individuals and organizations are still struggling, and while we can now see some light at the end of the tunnel we really need your help to make sure we all come out of this together.

So what’s going on and when?

We’re having another fundraiser which will run for three months ending on September 5th when we’ll announce our results.

Go see our Go Fund Me!

How much are we trying to raise?

Our goal this year is to raise $48,000 in order to fund the organization through 2021 and establish our new Card Carrying Geek membership program, creating a more solid financial basis for GPS’ continued operation.

Why is this important to you and our community?

GPS partners with local organizations like Anime Twin Cities (Anime Detour), Convergence Events Inc. (CONvergence), and Nordskogen: Barony of the kingdom of Northshield (SCA). We also support a variety of clubs for makers like Crafty Geek, DIODES, and Echobase; media lovers like Geeks Read, and Tsuinshi; for those seeking fitness like Geek Physique, and the United Geeks of Gaming for people who own too many dice.

We provide space and resources for groups – both formal and informal – so they can dream bigger, achieve more, and engage with the community.

Our community needs the Geek Partnership Society—a key resource for geeks here in the Twin Cities—to be here for you not just in 2022, but for as long as geeks need to gather, create, sell, and share their squee.

Where does the money go?

Minimum bills for operation per month

*Rent and Common Area Maintenance (set by Linvill Properties, Inc)
     *$6229 (Rent $3,880.00; CAM $2,349.00)
*Comcast Business (Internet) $89.88
* (web hosting) $5.00
*VANCO (sustaining membership site maintenance) $54.00
*CenterPoint (average cost of gas– high in winter, low in summer) $94.15
*Xcel Energy (average cost of electricity – low in winter, high in summer) $134.44
This does not include non monthly expenses like licensing, insurance, and CPA services.

Wait, I heard there were gifts…

Now, we don’t have totebags to offer for becoming sustaining Card Carrying Geek members but we do have neato cards, a rental discount and a trip on the St Croix waving plastic swords at other boats.

Those who donate can choose:
*$1+: Our heartfelt thanks!
*$60/ $5 a month+: You can become a Card-Carrying Geek!
*$60/ $5 a month+: If you already are a CCG, we can send you a sticker for your card giving you the rental discount on our spaces that our 20+ hour volunteers get.
*$120/ $10 a month: Both the Card and the rental discount
*$120/ $10 a month:  One mate’s ticket for our annual Pirate Cruise ($70 ticket and $50 donation)
*$1200/ $100 a month:  One Captain’s ticket for our annual Pirate Cruise ($900 ticket and $300 donation). Also includes the CCG card and rental discount.
*$5100/ $425 a month:  One Deity level ticket for our annual Pirate Cruise ($5000 ticket – what a bargain! 😉 ) Also includes the CCG card and rental discount.

More about the Pirate Cruise here:

If you would like to set up a monthly recurring donation, you can do so through our secure Vanco site.

After donating, please send us a message with the gift you would like to get to:

Thank you for your help! You’re all splendid people, and we look forward to seeing you in 3-D sometime soon!