Geek Partnership Society COVID-19 Policies

Updated: 28-June-2021

Starting July 1, 2021, the state of Minnesota guidelines no longer requires people to wear face coverings indoors.  Therefore, GPS policy will change on that date to:

  • Vaccinated people:  not required to wear face coverings inside the facility
  • Unvaccinated people:  we are asking unvaccinated people to continue to wear face coverings inside the facility. The CDC strongly recommends this.
  • In addition, we are asking all people using the facility to normalize staying home when they are sick.
  • And, we are providing cleaning supplies.  We ask that all groups that use the facility clean all hard surface touch points after their meeting/gathering.

Our COVID-19 Preparedness Plan, which is no longer required to have after June 30, 2021, can be found here.

Note: We will continue to update our policies based on the recommendations from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH)  and the CDC.

The below is official policy on face coverings from the state of Minnesota.  While they are not requiring face coverings for unvaccinated people, GPS is asking those people to wear masks to help protect them and the vulnerable in our community.

Vaccinated people

People who are fully vaccinated are not required to wear face coverings indoors or outdoors.

Unvaccinated people

People who are not vaccinated, including children, are not required to wear face coverings indoors or outdoors by state executive order, but are at risk for getting and spreading the virus that causes COVID-19. The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) strongly recommend that anyone who is not fully vaccinated continue to wear face coverings indoors in businesses, public settings, and when around people from other households, as well as outdoors when social distancing cannot be maintained.