Conflict of Interest Policy

Geek Partnership Society leadership is committed to acting in the best interest of the organization and the community, and doing so with integrity. Members of the Board of Directors and the organization’s staff will be held to this standard as outlined below.

As a leader and volunteer with the organization, you make decisions. Sometimes you make decisions (recruiting, picking vendors, allocating resources, etc.) in which someone stands to benefit. If you stand, or are perceived to stand, to benefit directly or indirectly from such a decision, then a conflict of interest exists.

Likewise, if someone close to you or another organization you represent may benefit, a conflict of interest exists. Close to you may be defined as related by family, part of a personal relationship, or sharing a common household. In such circumstances it is required that the situation be explained to the GPS Board of Directors for appropriate review.

The Geek Partnership Society resolves that no member of the Board of Directors or staff shall vote on any matter in which they, or someone they are close to, has a potential conflict of interest. When such a situation presents itself, the individual must disclose the potential conflict and recuse themselves from further consideration of the matter. Any Board or committee member is expected to make inquiry if such a conflict appears to exist and the individual has not made it known.

The Board will determine if there is a conflict of interest. The determination will be posted in the meeting minutes and all parties notified of the decision.

Staff members, members of the staff person’s immediate family, and members of the Board are prohibited from accepting gifts, money or gratuities from the following:

  1. Persons receiving benefits or services from the organization;
  2. Any person or entity performing or seeking to perform services under contract with the organization; and
  3. Persons who are otherwise in a position to benefit from the actions of any member/volunteer of the organization.

Associated policies and laws

  • Code of Conduct Policy
  • Confidentiality Policy
  • Harassment Policy
  • Minnesota Statute 10A.07, Conflicts of Interest

Policy history

Next scheduled review date: March, 2021
Date approved: January, 2017