Pirate Cruise

Image by MasterTux from Pixabay

We invite you to don your favorite Tricorn hat and fasten on that peg leg for our Pirate Cruise fundraising event, launching out of Stillwater

July 10, 2022

All attendees will receive entry tickets into the cruise Raffles, as well as entertainment provided by local bands. Additionally, there will be a cash bar during the cruise and a picture “booth” on the docks before we launch.

Buy your tickets here:


Due to alcohol being served on the ship (cash bar), this is a 21 and up event.

Below we’ve included the Raffle ticket quantities for each level:

(There will be an opportunity to buy more raffle tickets at the event.)

Crew $70

Includes Cruise, Badge, Photo Booth, 1 raffle ticket

Mate $125

Includes Cruise, Badge, Photo Booth, 20  raffle tickets & extra drink tickets. If there is enough interest, we will meet for cocktails before the cruise. 

Captain $900.00 Yarr! This’d be Space Camp tuition!

Sponsorship level. Includes everything at the Mate’s level except 30 raffle tickets and Captain’s sash!  And the bragging rights to say that You are the Captain!  (Except to the guy actually piloting the ship, you know). If you wish, your picture will go up on our webpage as an uber donor.

Choose your own title $5000.00 

You pick what you want to be — Pirate Queen, Emperox, Grand Admiral of the Fleet — it’s up to your imagination (though we reserve a right to ask you to modify problematic titles).  Includes everything at Captain’s level and some sort of appropriate head gear.  If you like, you will get a herald announcing your presence everywhere you go on the boat.


There will be an opportunity to buy more raffle tickets at the event.



We’d like your help. Businesses, organizations, or individuals who would like to support our event should contact piratecruise@geekpartnership.org about any cash and/or in-kind donations (e.g. raffle prizes, booty bag donations, etc.) they’d like to make.

We will depart at 5 pm from
St. Croix Boat and Packet Co.
525 Main St S
Stillwater, MN 55082