Board Elections

Our next election will be held on May 25 2021during the

2021 Annual Membership Meeting

Meeting will be held virtually

Important numbers and dates

Voting membership:

  • 20 volunteer hours needed to be a voting Member and attend at least one membership meeting prior to the Annual Membership Meeting/election (Picnic and Pi Day count)
  • 14 years of age on or before the Annual Meeting May 25, 2021
  • May 1, 2020 through April 30, 2021 – the dates that the volunteer hours need to be earned to be a voting member


  • April 15  last date to declare intent to run for a director position
    • Must be a voting member in good standing
    • Must legally be an adult

Need to report your volunteer hours? Fill out the GPS Volunteer Hours Form

Board Elections 2021

Three seats on the Geek Partnership Society Board of Directors will be up for election in 2021. Individuals elected to the board would be responsible for existing duties until such time as redistribution can happen again.

Declared candidates

  • Seth Chmelik (current member)
  • Robert Wagner (current member)

The deadline to declare intent to run for any of these positions was 11:59pm April 15, 2021. If you would like more information or are interested in running in future elections, please contact the Secretary at

Please read and understand the following expectations of being a member of the Board of Directors for the Geek Partnership Society.

Description and Expectations of those serving on the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are those individuals who are elected to serve by the voting membership. Listed below is a general list of expectations of those who serve on the Board of Directors.

o   Are legally responsible for the organization.
o   Have a fiduciary responsibility and are fiduciarily responsible and need to understand what that means.
o   Are representatives and ambassadors of our organization.
o   Are considered on call to the organization.
o   Average 50- 200 hours per year working for the organization.
o   Should have good communication skills, both written and verbal.
o   Should be somewhat comfortable with technology and/or willing to learn.
o   Should attend a vast majority of Board Meetings and other meetings of the organization. Currently board meetings are monthly.
o   Need to attend all Board Summits, these are considered mandatory. Annual Directors Retreat is usually late January.
o   Need to have Leadership and Management Skills.
o   Need to communicate, coordinate, and manage the departments in their purview.

To be eligible for voting membership, a person must: volunteer for a minimum of 20 hours on such activities of the corporation, attend at least one membership meeting prior to the Annual Meeting of the membership, be 14 years of age on or before the Annual Meeting May 25, 2021. Candidates may be asked to attend a “Meet the Candidates” event before the election. Date and location to be announced. If you have questions about your voting status, please contact