GPS and GPS Community Calendars

Welcome to our calendars page!

The first calendar shows times events are scheduled at our facility. If you would like more information on how to schedule something, check out the “Our Space” tab. To schedule space click on the Skedda booking system link.

The second shows GPS, Partner, and other related events happening outside of our facility.

The third, GPS Community Calendar,  has community events that we find out about or are shared with us so that we can help promote what goes on in the greater geek community around the Twin Cities.

Having a hard time reading? You change to the Agenda style in the upper left corner to list the items out day by day.

Scheduled at the Center

GPS Google Calendar

Community Calendar

Please Note: The calendars are curated by GPS to include events we believe would be of interest to our community. We attempt to include the information we find most essential. We make every effort to keep up with changes but are not employed by or connected to the venues for the events we share and events sometimes change without our knowledge. We recommend calling or checking the venue’s website.