Volunteer Opportunities

GPS needs you!

GPS is a nonprofit run by volunteers. We have a lot we do, and a great deal more we would like to do, and we need your help.

We need volunteers at all levels, from long-term projects to donating a few hours to an event. It all helps! If you volunteer 20 hours or more a year you get to be a voting member of GPS and help guide our mission. For 20+ hours you can also become a Card Carrying Geek. If anything below interests you or if you have any other ideas about what you could do for GPS, please contact us at volunteers @ geekpartnership.org.

Submit your volunteer hours

Already a volunteer? Please submit your hours here on this Google form. It can also be reached at tinyurl.com/GPSVolHours. We need to track how much work goes into our organization for grant-writing purposes. Thanks for giving us this much-needed data!

Short term needs

Auction Teams 

  • Donations: sort, evaluate, and handle data entry for donations throughout the year. We also need a sub team dedicated to corporate solicitations.
  • Logistics: Help stage auction items and gear, get it moved into and out of auctions at conventions.
  • Auction Staff: Set up/Tear down of the auction space and items. Room monitors who answer questions at auction, make sure bidders are registered, audit bid sheets for invalid bids,
  • Administration: Social media and web site updates, donation letters,

Communication boosters to like, share, and hashtag our online content.

Event Horizon facility needs volunteers to help with cleaning and maintenance of our rooms at the Waterbury. People should be willing to come in on a schedule to empty trash, vacuum, wash floors, clean the kitchen, etc.

Event coordinators for things that only happen once a year, such as someone to manage our annual picnic or ice cream social, our Art-A-Whirl presence in May, hosting specific party rooms at local conventions, our presence at Pride, and the Pirate Cruise.

Writing contest judges to evaluate our writing contest entries in early June, with winners to be announced at CONvergence in July.

Long term needs

Administrator to support the Board of Directors will attend monthly Board meetings and help Board members stay on track to achieve action items.

Arts Initiative Coordinator to book artists to exhibit in our gallery space and develop events and programs to support the exploration and creation of art.

Board members At a minimum there are 2 positions up for election every year for 3 year terms. Tasks include project management, volunteer recruitment, and representing our organization at local events.

Communication team members to help us manage our online content for both our website and social media, which includes Facebook, Instagram, MeetUp and Twitter.

Geek Physique coordinator to follow up on offers and ideas for events series falling under this club’s umbrella. In the past, this has meant helping to schedule archery, skiing, historical dancing, belly dancing, and other activities at both Event Horizon and off site.

Merchandise coordinator to manage our inventory, find volunteers to sell it at events, and develop an online store.

Online auction coordinator is needed to manage sales of special items.

Promotions team members to find donors and build partner relationships.

Publication team members to help us update and maintain our brochures, posters, and other print collateral.

Volunteers team members to help us recruit, train, and schedule volunteers for both short and long term needs.