Charity Auctions

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– You can fill out your donation information online now. This lets us know what is coming in to our auction inventory, and helps us to prepare bid sheets for items that are delivered at the convention.

The items you see at a GPS Charity Auction are donated by members of the community and we’d like to thank everyone for their generous support. We use these funds to support the programs and mission of GPS. We also look for donations of time from volunteers who can help keep inventory, prepare for conventions, and set-up/staff/tear-down at the events themselves. Generally, we hold 3-4 charity auctions at partner events a year.

Would you like to partner with us and host our charity auction? Please contact us a minimum of 6 months prior to your event.

Email if you have questions, to volunteer, or to arrange a donation delivery.

  • We accept donations of auction items year round – at GPS events, at convention planning meetings we have representatives at, by appointment at our center Event Horizon in Northeast Minneapolis, or by arrangement to deliver to the convention you are attending.
  • We will try to match items donated to conventions based on a convention’s genre or theme for that year, so we will take all the geeky things – all genres, all media formats, all types of collectibles, etc. Please keep in mind – if you are delivering to a convention, while we will try to fit your item in that year we are constrained by space and time so cannot guarantee that your donation will be in that particular auction.

Email for questions, to volunteer, or to arrange a donation delivery.


Before a convention we pack up items selected for the auction, create bid sheets, print signs. At the con we set up the tables the day before (no membership is needed to volunteer before the conventions starts). During the con we need people to monitor the tables, register bidders, and answer questions about the auction. Sunday we need runners to help gather items up for winners as they come to pay, and people to help pack up everything else. Please email if you are interested in helping.

Furry Migration (September 6-8, 2019)

Hotel – Hyatt Regency Minneapolis

We will be set up in the same room as Art Show and will match their hours (for the most part). Items will have bid sheets for members to place their bids. Quick Win bid amounts, Minimum bids, and Minimum increments will be specified by item, so be sure to read the descriptions. Friday and Saturday are bidding/quick sales, and Sunday is pick up and Sunday Sale for items that received no bids.

If you have items you’d like to donate, please email or use the DONATION SUBMISSION FORM ONLINE.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Before the cons we will be packing up items selected for the auction, creating bid sheets, printing signs, setting up the tables. At the con we mainly need people to monitor the tables and answer questions about the auction. Please email if you are interested in helping. At the con you can also sign up with ConOps across from Registration. At-con volunteers will get credit for volunteer hours for both Geek Partnership Society AND Furry Migration, as anyone who volunteers at con is helping MNFurs help their partner (us). Yay!


  • TBA

 Anime Fusion (October 18-20, 2019

Bringing classic anime alongside the newest titles fresh from Japan.

Location: Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West, in Plymouth MN

Hours of Operation: TBA

Charity Auction Rules at Fusion: charityauctionrulesfusionsinglepage

We will be set up to take cash and cards.