Geek Physique

“Fitness and wellness that is all our own”

Geek Physique is all about experiencing the fullness of life while enjoying being a geek. We are bringing fun, often unique fitness activities to you, along with wellness science. Who says that excercise can’t be weird, wacky and thoroughly fun? Some of our events:

  • Geek Slink bellydance
  • Disc golf
  • Nerf dart tag
  • Klingon Bat’leth training
  • Ceilidh dancing
  • Tai Chi Chu’an
  • Aikido
  • Yoga Quest
  • Archery

Find out about specific events by joining our Geek Physique Meetup. You can also join our Facebook group to find out about more fun fitness opportunities.

If you are interested in more information or have questions, contact Geek Physique at