Photography Club

The GPS Photography Club are geeks interested in photography who meet once a month to practice and learn.

Next Meetup: Jan 17 – 7:00 PM Class Room (106A)

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Planning 2017 & Assignment

Hey Folks, we’re doing our final planning for 2017, of course it’s subject to change as the situation demands, but as with any program, it’s nice to have at least ideas on the calendar to pick from, and we’d really be happy to have a few more.

We’re also going to have one ‘Activity’ that we need you to work on and bring to the meeting, post here or at your favorite location, or forward to us. Here’s the activity. Take two pictures of the same subject, with one crucial element changed. This could be as simple as a door closed vs. a door open, (try to make that artistic in some way.) or as complicated as getting a group of people (or a single person) to stand for a photo, and then have them stand again missing one or more pieces of clothing, (which may also need to be artistic.) The idea is to work out how to make the contrast between the two photos interesting.

Hey, the weather outside seems frightful at times, but it’s also a great high contrast environment. With the snow locally, it can also be a great opportunity for black and white shots. Go out, take some photos and we’ll see you at the meeting!

We’ll be in the Classroom (room 106A).

ADDRESS Event Horizon 1121 Jackson St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413


  • Event Horizon is in the Waterbury Building at the intersection of Central and Broadway in NE Minneapolis. Parking lot is on the east side of the building. Enter door 1121C.
  • If you are taking the bus, the closest routes are 10 and 17.

If you are unable to attend but would like to propose topics or shoots, especially if you are willing to do the presentation, or introduce a specialist, feel free to e-mail the club at, and we will include it in the discussion and possible plans. If it is a time sensitive event, make sure that related timing is included in the e-mail.