Confidentiality Policy

Geek Partnership Society Board members and staff must exercise the utmost discretion regarding all matters of official business of the organization. Leadership volunteers shall refrain from any action and avoid any public pronouncement that might reflect adversely upon the organization or its members. Leadership volunteers will also respect the personal privacy of our members and will not share contact information without permission.

A Board member shall not communicate to any person information that has not been made public, except in the course of regular duties or by authorization of the President of the organization. All Board members must assume the highest degree of confidentiality and integrity in the best interest of the organization’s members, and shall adhere strictly to all policies that serve to protect the relationship of staff to GPS members.

Consequences for violating confidentiality will be determined by the Board, and may include suspension of the ability to volunteer up to expulsion from the organization. The decision will be documented in the organization’s files.

Associated policies and laws

  • Code of Conduct Policy
  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Harassment Policy
  • Minnesota Statute 10A.07, Conflicts of Interest

Policy history

Next scheduled review date: March, 2021
Date approved: January, 2017