GoFundme Launched – Save Your Geek Partnership Society

These are not normal times. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, GPS has found most-to-all of its normal sources of operational funding drying up. Our campaign so far is keeping us afloat but we continue to need revenue.

We have created a GoFundMe – Save Your Geek Partnership Society to cover expenses through the end of the year to give us time to rework our fundraising model for 2021. Please make a donation today. Your help means the world to us. We know many of us are already struggling, uncertain, and perhaps overwhelmed, but this is an opportunity to make sure that we can recover together. That we have a place to return to, retreat to and keep, that gets us and respects the squee in all its myriad forms is priceless to us.

(Other options include mailing a check to Geek Partnership Society at 1121 Jackson St. NE, Ste. 106, Minneapolis, MN 55413, or donate through Paypal.)

Why is this important to you and our community?

GPS is more than an organization, and more than a space or destination. GPS supports small organizations and groups so they can dream bigger, achieve more, and engage with the community.

Here are some groups and programs who rely on GPS’ support.

  • Crafty Geek / Make It Sew
  • Creative Night, the Group!
  • Echo Base Lightsaber Building Club
  • Geek Physique
  • Geeks Read Book Club
  • GPS Photography Club
  • GPS Movie Appreciation Posse
  • Tsuinshi Anime Club
  • United Geeks of Gaming
  • Annual Volunteer Appreciation Party (community wide)
  • Geek presence at Art-A-Whirl
  • Holiday Emporium
  • Scavenger Hunt

Here is an incomplete list of the organizations and clubs that use GPS’ facility and resources, and will be losing not only a place to meet, hold events, store their stuff, build things, and film segments, but a refuge and a home.

In short, the work we do, the time we spend, and the community we support all rely upon GPS. Not just as a location, but as a point of coordination, of access to resources, and as an extender of individual and group capability. Our community has already sustained losses with damage to and destruction of local businesses like Dreamhaven and Uncle Hugo’s. We don’t want to lose another pillar of the local geek community. #SaveGPS