GPS@Anime Detour

Anime Twin Cities, the host of the Anime Detour convention, is one of our major partners and we have a room party at the convention.

Want to talk to us at CON? Stop by our party room in Cabana 110 poolside to find out more and catch up on all the news going around in the geekiest cities in America. Talk to anyone you see wearing our logo; we’ll tell you what we’re up to, and you can tell us what you want to see!

GPS Room Party Schedule

In Cabana 110

Thursday 3:30pm – Midnight

Friday 12:30pm – Midnight

Saturday 2:00pm – Midnight  

Sunday  11:00am – 4:00 pm

Please join GPS as we showcase our year-round clubs and programs. Whether you like to read books, watch anime or movies inspired by books, do crafty things, write stories, draw comics, or want to stay healthy, we have a club or program for you. Some of them are even meeting in the party room during the convention weekend! Check Cabana 110 for the schedule, as there can be late changes and we have things outside of convention party hours as well.