Using our space

We call our center for the geek community Event Horizon, and it is maintained by our nonprofit’s volunteers. Keep in mind that evenings and weekends are most heavily used and the rooms book quickly, so being flexible on dates may be useful. It is available 7 days a week, as early as 8 a.m. and as late as midnight. Event Horizon consists of three rentable areas.

Scheduling Rooms

To view what rooms are available and book rooms check out our Skedda booking system.  The first time you book a room the program will prompt you to create a profile.

Please include setup/tear-down time in the time you reserve.

Go to Skedda!

Meeting rooms and amenities

  • Room 106 (the living room) includes a large sectional sofa, with room for additional chairs to be added around the long coffee table. It seats 5-10 people. Here is a floor plan (it includes the kitchen).
  • Room 106A (the classroom) includes a whiteboard and projector screen. It can be set up with chairs, banquet tables, as well as office chairs and high top tables. It can seat up to 30 people. Here is a floor plan.
    • Our Little Free Library (take a book, leave a book) is part of room 106A, as well as our games library for use at the center.
  • Room 107 (the main hall) includes multiple folding tables and chairs as well as a podium. There is a sound system and non-HDMI projector available for audio visual presentations, and a white screen painted on the wall. We host our movie nights and other events here. It can seat up to 150 people. Here is a floor plan.

  • Kitchen is available to all and includes a full size refrigerator, a microwave, a toaster oven, a coffee maker, a full sink, and a long counter. Some serving dishes and utensils are available, as well as a limited number of tablecloths.

  • Restrooms in the communal hall are shared with other residents of the Waterbury building and are located outside our suite of rooms. You need a keycard to access them.
  • Clean up is required by those who use the space. Our volunteers will carry trash and recyclables to the facilities in the parking lot, but please do bag items appropriately and leave full bags near the bins. Return all rooms to the state you found them by stacking chairs gently (no more than 10 high) and folding up tables. Please wash your dishes. Cleaning supplies are under the kitchen sink and brooms, etc. are just inside the garage door in case of spills. A utility sink and buckets are to the left as you enter the garage.

Rental fees

  • General public hourly rate runs between $38/hr and $47/hr depending on the room size and how long it will be in use and unavailable for other rentals. Please check Skedda for availability and price quotes. Rates may increase due to increased costs on our end.
  • Partners pay negotiated rates based on our partnership agreements.
  • Payment is due within 10 days of when the space is booked or at the event itself unless other arrangements are confirmed with GPS. Full refunds are available only if a cancellation is received 10 days in advance, unless due to an “act of deity” or comparable circumstances.
  • Checks should be payable to “GPS” or “Geek Partnership Society”. Returned checks will be charged a $35 fine.
  • To pay by debit/credit card, please email Site Scheduling to make arrangements. Our organization uses Square for electronic payments.
  • To pay by PayPal, please use email address
  • Chairs and tables are available at no charge. Additional equipment may be available for use or rental, so please email site scheduling for more information.

Current pricing.  Price per hour is lower if you rent for 3 or more hours

107 Main Hall 106A Classroom
Partners $20/hr $16/hr
Non-profits and 20+ hour Volunteers $28/hr $23/hr
All Others (for profits, JQ Public) $47/hr $38/hr



  • Alcohol: All Minnesota laws must be obeyed. Please ask for permission to serve alcohol. Alcohol may only be consumed in designated areas and not uncontrolled spaces such as parking lots, streets or sidewalks.
  • Late night events: For safety reasons, the maximum number of guests may not exceed 150.
  • Food preparation in carpeted areas: Please provide your own drop cloth in case of spills.
  • Animals: Service animals are welcome. Please contact site scheduling for permission to bring in non-service animals.
  • No open flames.  No glitter.

More on the location

Event Horizon is in the red Waterbury Building at the northwest corner of the intersection of Central Avenue and Broadway Street in NE Minneapolis. The parking lot is on the east side of the building. Enter by door 1121C. If you are taking the bus, the closest routes are 10, 17, and 30. Here’s Metro Transit’s Trip Planner.