CONvergence Events

Covergence Events, Inc. is one of our main partners, both strategically and for the facility, Event Horizon.


Once upon a time, CEI and GPS were a single organization under MiSFiTS (Minnesota Society for the Interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy).  With the growth in attendance and scope for CONvergence and the desire to expand the year round programming and start an actual center for geeks, we decided to split the organization.

Effective January 1, 2010 two things happened: CONvergence came under a new organization, Convergence Events, Inc., which gained its own non-profit status, and MiSFiTS rebranded itself as the Geek Partnership Society to reflect its expanded mission and long term goals.

We continue to work closely in partnership to support the broader geek community, continue our established programs, and truly make the Twin Cities a year-round geek experience.

CONvergence 2015

CONvergence, an annual convention for fans of science fiction and fantasy held on or near the Fourth of July weekend, is a presentation of Convergence Events.

CONvergence features panels and programming on science fiction and fantasy in several programming tracks. It also features national and local guests, and art show and auction, a dealers’ room, a film room (Cinema Rex), a 24-hour Anime room, open gaming, collectible card tournaments, live action role playing (LARP) games, a free coffee shop, room parties, live music, and the Masquerade!

For more information on CONvergence, especially if you want to help out, check out the website at